Stiga Combi 55 sq B – Petrol Engine Mower Briggs & Stratton 163 cm³ 2.59 KW, Progress A Traction, Shell Steel, 53 cm, 5 Cutting Heights, System Mulching Blade (New 2017)

Petrol Engine Briggs & Stratton 163 cm³ 2,59 kw
4 in 1 cutting system: Collect, mulching, side discharge, rear discharge
Cutting width: 53 cm Central adjustment of cutting height in 5 positions 25 to 80 mm

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Stiga Mower Electric Rechargeable 5 Ah Multiclip 50 S AE

Battery and Charger included.
Voltage: 80 V Amperage: 5.0 Ah thanks to the powerful 80 V Battery Multiclip Stiga AE 50 S Presents itself as the most powerful battery of a mower in trade.
Ideal for shaving the lawn without the bulk and weight of the outbreak and motor without the thread of current. Good when you do not have a power outlet available. Durable reinforced ABS body width 52 cm, made of fusion. Thanks to the shaving semovenza machine work is extremely easy. The surface from rasare can reach 1000 m2 with a single charge of battery.

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Stiga Mower Mulching Multiclip 50 S with Petrol Engine – 140 cc

Multiclip Size The Grass of your garden riducendola several times in parts Lower Case and the spread on the ground to fertilize the lawn. Stiga Multiclip 50 S is a traction with steel shell and mower blade length from 48 cm. Stiga … Read More

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Stiga Mower Mulching Plus 50 SE B, 163 cc Petrol, Steel Shell

Stiga Multiclip Plus 50 if B is a professional mulching lawnmower with steel 190 cc Briggs and Stratton engine and shell. Designed to guarantee high performance and a high comfort of use. Equipped with anti-vibration system and handlebar adjustable both in height … Read More

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